Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.
Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.

Integrated solution for ecological concrete block making

Carrying out the pilot project of “non-waste city” construction is a concrete action to deeply implement the decisions

and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, an important measure to build a beautiful China.

Integrated Solution for PC Paving Stone Making Equipment

With the continuous development of China country's economy, residents have higher and higher requirements for living environment, creating a comfortable and elegant environment is more and more important in urban construction. Natural stone is widely used in municipal, garden and construction fields for its gorgeous natural appearance and durable properties.

However, natural stone, as a non-renewable resource, has been gradually exhausted after years of mining, and the processing technology of natural stone is complex, high cost, high radioactivity, and large environmental damage, which does not conform to the national strategic policy of energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development.

QGM independently developed and mass-produced PC imitation stone brick equipment in response to market demand and realized the quantitative production of PC imitation stone bricks with its advanced technology and craftsmanship. The price has been widely recognized and favored by municipal departments and real estate companies.

Production Process

1Material Stocking

2Material Feeding

3Color Pigment feeding & pressing

4Block Curing

5Finished Products

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