Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.
Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.
Brand Advantage

Service Concept

QGM Block Machine has established overseas offices and spare parts warehouses all over the world, and also with a high-quality service team, which has realized the functions of rapid response, customer regular visits, technical consultation, value-added services, spare parts supply, staff training and other functional systems.
QGM Block Machine professional and meticulous service has won a good reputation from domestic and overseas customers.
  • Pre-sales Service

    Pre-sales service is the professional service provided by QGM to customers when determining the machine purchase intention, including:
    1.Help to do site planning, technical problem solving and assist configuration consultation;
    2.Help to formulate the purchase plan of machinery and equipment suitable for customers and give advice on the layout design plan according to their site;
    3.Help to do revenue analysis

  • In-sales Service

    In-sale service is the service provided by QGM to customers after the block machine is placed, in order to achieve the smooth production of equipment, including:
    1. After the technical agreement/sales contract is signed, the company will submit the contract equipment design, manufacturing, installation etc. standard lists to the customer for confirmation;
    2. Appoint senior engineers to install and commissioning;
    3. Provide on-site operation technical training for customer staff, and provide customers with free training for mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel;
    4. According to the specific situation, recommending relevant standardized and customized product moulds or spare parts for customers.

  • After-sales Service

    After-sales service is the service provided by QGM to customers after machine is producing blocks, including:
    1. Guarantee the timely supply of parts and accessories, strictly implement three guarantees for product quality, one-year free warranty service, and lifetime after-sales service;
    2. 24-hour service commitment: In order to provide our customers with better quality service and technical support, the company’s 400 service hotline is 24 hours per day to serve customers;
    3. One machine, one file management: QGM establishes an independent management file for each machine, from the details to the whole, the service is as always;
    4. Frequent customer return visits: QGM has formulated a customer return visit system, carefully listens to the opinions and suggestions of each customer, and through return visits, understands the operation of each block machine, so that each machine is in the best condition

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