Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.
Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.
Brand Advantage

Scientific and Technological Innovation

"Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and innovation is the primary driving force for development." Founded in 1979, QGM Block Machine has always adhered to independent innovation and made first-class products for more than 40 years.

Continued R&D Funding Guarantee

QGM Block Machine devotes 5% of annual sales + continuous investment in research and development funds to ensure that there is one machine model upgrade each year.

Integrate Innovation

While learning German technology, QGM Block Machine also pay more attention to integration and innovation, and continue to cultivate and improve the driving force for continuous innovation of the R&D team to achieve a true Sino-German combination.

A virtuous circle of industry-university-research technology support

It has successively signed school-enterprise cooperation with Huaqiao University, Fuzhou University, and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and established a training base. At the same time, it has also reached cooperation with German Rinn, Industry Association and other institutions to establish a masonry landscape technology college, which has realized the development of equipment design and development. Block production research, masonry landscape design and paving method promotion of the whole industry chain closed-loop technology and personnel training.

Set Up an Independent R&D Center

Relying on the strength of the new production workshop, seizing the commanding heights of science and technology strategy to build a high-standard R&D center, collect hundreds of raw materials from all over the world to strengthen the experimental development of new machine, provide customers with full technical services and provide customers with high-quality customized R&D services. In-depth green environmental protection ecological construction, strengthen the "solid waste resource recycling and utilization" as the key research and development project, and create a low-carbon circular development construction.

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