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Quangong Block Machinery Co., Ltd.
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R & D

Technology Research & Development
The members of QGM Block Machinery are united, tenacious, and established a professional team of engineers. With the strong R&D strength and innovative spirit, they gradually form core technology.
In June 2013, QGM Block Machinery set up a technology R&D center in Germany, dedicated to building environmentally friendly, high-end block factories tailored for global users. Based on the introduction of advanced European and American technologies, QGM has integrated own industry technology and experience advantages. At present, many of our products have advanced genes of European and American machinery industry.
With such a strong international technology team, QGM’s Block Machinery innovative development is even more powerful. Up to now, the company has researched and developed more than 30 high-performance and high-quality products with independent intellectual property rights by integrating advanced technologies from European and America. The performance of the products has ranked among the forefront of domestic brands and has become the only high-level operator with integrated block making solutions in China.
It is our sacred responsibility to create value for customers! The products of QGM will also still implement in accordance with the requirements of high standards.

Quality Management System

General Requirements

1) The company established a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000, identified the production, sales and other processes, determined the sequence and interaction of these processes, and followed the 5S standard for each process have been made suitable for the company's quality management regulations.

2) In order to ensure the effective operation and control of the enterprise's quality management system and application process, QGM has compiled the corresponding procedure documents, and is supported by related work instructions and specifications.

3) In order to support the effective operation of these processes and supervise these processes, QGM Block Machinery is equipped with necessary human, facilities, financial and related information resources.

4) In order to supervise, measure and analyze the operation process of the QGM's quality management system, our company implements necessary measures to achieve the structure planned by these processes and will continuously improve it.

Document Requirements

QGM Block Machinery establishes and maintains the documents of the quality management system based on the formation process and characteristics of the products.
Documents Include:

1) The "Quality Manual" compiled in accordance with the standard requirements for the quality policy and quality objectives approved and issued by the general manager.

2) "Document Control Procedure", "Record Control Procedure", "Internal Audit Procedure", "Non-conforming Product Control Procedure", "Corrective Measures Implementation Procedure", "Preventive Measures Implementation Procedure", etc. prepared in accordance with the provisions of "ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Requirements”.

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